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1) Why home tuition is better than class ?

Home tution is necessary because 1-2-1 attention is there and you can ask as much question for the same .
Faculty are all qualified one and experience in the industry of teaching in there respective field
2) What will be refund policy ?
The first session is demo lecture and after that we take the money for the same .Money once given
will not be given back because the teacher will be allotted for the student for that period.
3) How many demo session is allowed ?
First demo will be free one .Once the teacher is selected by the student and if they will still they don’t like the teacher
then within 3 teaching session has to be communicated .
4) What will be the qualification of the teacher ?
 The qualification of the teacher will be all post qualified teacher for Professional courses and for school level
will be all be at least graduate level and even further qualified teacher will be provided .

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